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Truly Sexy Poetry

Love The Way It Was Meant To Be

Love and Romance Poetry

WARNING: Some of my poetry in the 'Love and Romance' section are very erotic, and sexual in nature.

Religious, Bereavement, and Humor Themed Poetry

I am currently working on a couple of new poems that I hope will touch your hearts in their most guarded area. Look for them in the coming weeks.

Here is a review posted on the Barnes and Noble web site, about my book:

Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5 Fan Forever
sue, A reviewer, 08/01/2008

A friend told me i should read this book, i ask why. She said just read it! So i ordered it. All the time i'm wondering what is this book about. I started reading it. All i could think was OH MY GOD! Once i started reading i could not put it down. It brought back some of my own memories and also gave me a few new things to try. I'm sure i had a smile on my face as i read it' I bet i even blushed. You'll just have to read it to see what i'm talking about.

Thanks to all those who have chosen to buy my book.

For those who may be interested, my son began a walk of Faith In The Lord from here in Ohio, to Seattle, Washington, barefoot.  If you want to check in on him, see his posted pics and videos, read about his trip, and what he hopes to accomplish by doing it, go to: Miles of Smiles Forever .


Love As It Was Meant To Be by  S. A. Sheets

Please let me know what you think of my poetry, and/or my book, by way of the following email address: $7.49 .COM Domains- 125x125





As I get closer to being able to post my book on this site, I have found some of the hidden difficulties to doing so. I have downloaded a 'trial' version of software that will allow me to publish my book as an 'E-book'. It looks promising, so far. It will allow me to do some things not currently being offered in most ebooks, with my current book, and my future books, that will enhance the reading experience for almost everyone. Unfortunately, the time table for making this all happen, has been set back, and is very hard to predict. Please come back often, to see how things are progressing. Thanks for your patience, and understanding.


One of the most frequent responses that I have received from readers of some my 'romance' poetry, was how they 'could feel the words that they were reading', almost as though 'they' were the subjects within my poems. I have received some of those same types of comments from the readers of my book. Hopefully, my poetry fans will be able to enjoy themselves through the stories within my book.

If my book generates enough interest, I may post my current work in progress, too.

Poetry Selections To The Left

     All Content Within This Site Is Copyright Protected and Intentional Infringement Upon Those Copyrights Will Be Prosecuted To The Full Extent Of The Law.


Hello, my name is Steven Sheets, welcome to my site. I have been writing poetry for over 40 years, and I have had numerous works published both online, and in local newspapers. My themes range from poetry that deals with Religious themes written primarily for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, to Love and Romance with a risqué edge to them, and I also write poetry that deals with the fun and fantasy side of our emotions, and dreams. I have also recently begun writing slightly erotic, and romantic short stories. I sincerely hope that anyone who takes the time to read some of my works, come away with a sense of enjoyment, and a desire to live life to the fullest. It is not my intent to cause anyone to feel embarrassment, shame, or guilt of any kind for what they have just read.

I try to live by one mantra, and that is to make an honest effort to help all those whom I come into contact with, to smile. By accomplishing this one simple task, I am able to share the feeling that all is not so bad. Chances are very good that those whom I can make smile, will most likely pass that smile on to someone else. And so on, and so on.

It has been said that a smile increases one's face value, and I believe this is true. No one likes to be around someone who is constantly frowning, or complaining about something. Evidence of this hypothesis, lies the within the fact that we are more likely to do business with a person that smiles, than with someone who doesn't smile, thus making a simple smile an effective sales tool.

For those who have found themselves in the middle of an informal crowd of people, I am sure that you have noticed that more people are drawn to those who seem to be laughing, smiling, and enjoying themselves, rather than to, say a group of people who are frowning, and/or complaining. We all want to have a 'good time', and a good time is equated with smiling, and smiling is the first precursor to laughter.

There are enough reasons in this world to cause us not to smile, without me adding to them. So, with that in mind, I hope you can find something to smile about as you read my poetry, and/or books.

                              by Steven Sheets

A warning to those who might try to post one, or more of my poems on their own sites, and claim to be the author of same. I will seek to prosecute those who choose to infringe upon my copyrights. Ever since I first built this site to share my poetry,  several individuals have tried to claim to be the authors of my poetry, either on their own web sites, or on the web sites of others. I would appreciate being notified by any of my loyal readers, if they should find evidence of this as they surf around the net. I have posted some of my poems on other sites, but they will show the author as being either Steve Sheets, or trulysexypoet. If you find one of my poems on a site, with somebody elses name listed as the author, Please send me an email, with a link to, or the address of the site doing the violating. Thank you very much for your help in this matter.

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